Independents Forever!

This weekend is a good time to visit your local bookstore, as this Saturday is Independent Bookstore Day.

What is Independent Bookstore Day?

It’s a one-day celebration that takes place on the last Saturday in April at indie bookstores across the country. In addition to meeting authors, live music, kids’ events, contests, and other fun stuff, participating bookstores will have exclusive books and literary items for sale only available on that day.  To learn more about Independent Bookstore Day, visit their website.

Treasured readers….

Authors are creative people, and so are our readers. I love the experience of knowing a reader has truly madly deeply entered the world of my story. I recently send out copies of my upcoming novel for advance reviews. The result from an author I admire touched me in this way….

“Seven Aprils is a breathless adventure led by courageous Tess, who is a Force of Nature. From the compelling opening scene, I was ready to follow Tess anywhere, including through the horrors and heartbreaks of the Civil War, battlefields and surgery tents, trusting in her talent for survival and her gift for hope. Brimming with daring exploits, Seven Aprils treats readers to a fascinating look at 19th century gender roles and the qualities that transcend gender: intelligence, persistence, gumption, compassion, and love, above all—embodied in one unforgettable heroine.”

—Rosemary Poole-Carter, author of Only Charlotte