April 2020 … new novel!

I’m so pleased to announce the release of my new novel, Mercies of the Fallen.

Plantation heiress Ursula Kingsley is content with her secluded life in a convent, until the bloodiest day of the Civil War. Blinded Rowan Buckley is in deep love with the woman who pulled him off the battlefield.  He knows she’s full of secrets, but is treason one of them?

The two negotiate the crucial times and battles. Treachery meets them at every crossroad. Will their love survive? 

Mercies of the Fallen is the second of my American Civil War Brides series. The first, Seven Aprils is, for a limited time, available to read for free and at a special $2.99 price on Amazon. I hope you’ll enjoy this series!

enjoy at a special price!

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