Writing for Young People

“That’s the power of a diverse book. You can change everything for one kid, and create empathy in 100 more.”– Kelsey W.

I love writing my series for young people, The Linda Tassel Mysteries. My Nancy Drew is Linda Tassel, a bridge person between her mother’s Snowbird Cherokee of the Eastern Nation, and her father’s Anglo cultures. Unlike Nancy, she ages in my series as we follow her adventures Her relationship with her friend Tad Gist also deepens and sparks into love.

The first in the series, Death at Little Mound, recently was a semi finalist in the Dante Rossetti Awards for YA novels, and won a first place in the Mystery and Mayhem Awards.

This summer the second book in the series was published: Missing at Harmony Festival. I think my wonderful publisher BWL’a cover captures the spirit of the story.

Release Day!

An always exciting day in a writer’s life is release day of a new book. I’m happy to announce the first of a 1990s set YA series: The Linda Tassel Mysteries. It was born out of my childhood love of Nancy Drew and my frustration that she stayed the same age! Linda, a daughter of the Eastern Cherokee Nation, gets older in each book! Her first adventure is Death at Little Mound. I hope you or a young reader you know will enjoy it!