Young Adult Mystery

The Mound Builders’ Secret- You-Solve-It-Mystery-Book 1

Readers join Tad Gist, his archaeologist father, and half-Cherokee site supervisor Linda Tassel as they investigate a Georgia archaeological dig that may hold the key to an ancient treasure and that has been jeopardized by sabotage and murder.


Disappearance at Harmony Festival- You-Solve-It-Mystery Book 5

Eagerly anticipating the Harmony Festival, where she is to perform with her friend, Rising Fawn Reed, Linda Tassel is baffled by Rising Fawn’s disappearance and joins forces with Tad Gist to find her before it is too late.


The Connor Emerald- You-Solve-It-Mystery Book 10

During a party celebrating a corporation’s new commitment to preserve wildlife, Tad Gist and Linda Tassel become embroiled in a bizarre mystery involving a blackout, the theft of a priceless emerald necklace, and the disappearance of a university professor. Original.