Young Adult Historical

The Ghosts of Stony Clove

Stony Clove, a little town snuggled in a rugged mountain pass, was cleared and farmed by Dutch settlers one hundred years ago. It was rumored amongst the townsfolk that the solid rock of the area had been forged by the Devil himself who, in a fury, had fashioned it after his own cleft foot.

Asher and Ginny were born and raised in this town, with its old fashioned traditions and tales. The most famous was the story of the ghost of William Sutherland and the legend that had grown around his life–and death–at Stony Clove. The mystique of the Sutherland homestead captivated Asher and Ginny, leading them to discoveries about the legend, and themselves, that would bond them together for an eternity.ghosts

In the Time of the Wolves

Fourteen-year-old Joshua Woods would like nothing better than to leave his Catskill mountain home and follow his uncles to Harvard. But Joshua’s father is refusing to let him go. Will Joshua betray his father?


Honor to the Hills

When the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 is passed, violence shatters the peaceful settlement of Stony Clove. For Lily Woods, the brutal horror of slavery takes on a terrifying reality when her friend–a free black woman–is captured by bounty hunters and returned South into bondage. Lily must act to save her friend…even if that means putting herself–and her family–in jeopardy.